What is the ALL-ON-4® treatment concept?

Learn more about this concept that has marked a revolution in implantology

ALL-ON-4® by Nobel Biocare

The ALL-ON-4® treatment concept is a minimally invasive procedure to replace all the teeth in the jaw with just 4 Nobel Biocare tooth implants.

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Advantages of the ALL-ON-4® treatment concept

This solution on just 4 implants, even in cases of minimum bone volume, ensures biting function within just hours.

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Who is a candidate for ALL-ON-4®?

This option is recommended for all adult persons suffering from toothlessness, or whose existing teeth are planned for extraction.

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About the procedure

The implants and a temporary prosthetic are installed in one day. After 3 - 5 months of healing, during which time the implants fuse with the bone, the permanent prosthetic is installed.

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Patient experiences

Read what people who have turned their life around with the ALL-ON-4® treatment concept have to say.

I can now smile with confidence
I think Dentum is the only one that really goes that extra mile for you
Without a doubt, it has boosted my confidence

Selecting a clinic

In selecting a clinic for the ALL-ON-4® treatment concept, you should pay attention to a few important factors.

Experience of the dentists

1. Experience of the dentists

Our dentists have installed more than 10,000 implants, and are recognised "opinion leaders" for the Nobel Biocare implants, the only scientifically accepted implants for the ALL-ON-4® treatment concept.

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2. Confirmation of quality

Dentum holds a certificate for the performance of the original ALL-ON-4® treatment concept and recommendations from Nobel Biocare.

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3. Our clinic

In the modern ambience of the Dentum clinic, we leave nothing to chance, and use only the state of the art technology and top quality materials to create sparkling smiles.

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4. Additional benefits

Your first exam at Dentum is completely free of charge, and the prices of the procedure are on average 70% lower than in other European countries. While in Croatia, you needn't worry about accommodation, as our patients stay for free in our modern rooms at the clinic.

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